Downsizing in retirement? Enjoy an affordable, low maintenance lifestyle.

retirement village casino richmond valley

An affordable retirement village alternative in the Richmond Valley, NSW.

According to the 2014 Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) survey, the “dream downsizing home” is:

  • Smaller in size (such as having a more manageable yard) than the current home
  • Easy to access and to move around in, and preferably with only one level
  • A lifestyle improvement, particularly in terms of good entertaining areas
  • Close to shops, health services and public transport
  • Located in an area which is desired by the downsizers, often close to where they currently live, or offering lifestyle benefits
  • Something which delivers financial savings, as a result of discharging a mortgage or collecting capital gain
  • Alongside likeable neighbours

Downsizing into a lifestyle village such as Casino Lifestyle Village, in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, offers all of the above and more!

Come and take a look at our Village and discover what downsizing into our village can do for you!

lifestyle villages casino richmond valley

About Casino Lifestyle Village

An affordable retirement village alternative in NSW’s beautiful Richmond Valley.

Casino Lifestyle Village is a well-serviced Residential village in northern NSW. Our residents experience unparalleled security of tenure.

Casino Lifestyle Village is uniquely located on the grounds of an old airport in the beautiful Richmond Valley.

When you first enter the village you’ll immediately notice three things. The first is the peace and quiet. The second is the cascading chorus of birdsong in the trees. The third is the instant, friendly welcome of every person you meet.

Casino Lifestyle Village caters to people over the age of 50 who may want to move into a more manageable home whilst maintaining their independence. With a highly active social group and a fantastic range of services, Casino Lifestyle Village offers an unbeatable home and lifestyle at an affordable price.

We invite you to come and discover our safe and caring community at Casino Lifestyle Village.

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